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Ethnic Fragmentation in Canada - Vancouver and Montreal

This video program features two case studies on Canada: Vancouver: Hong Kong East and Montreal: An Island of French.

Vancouver: Hong Kong East, focuses on this emerging Pacific Rim metropolis and the consequences of a recent influx of wealthy Hong Kong Chinese immigrants into the area. Older, well-established "Anglo" neighborhoods fight to preserve their cultural landscape, as new Asian residents tear down older homes to erect larger, more modern dwellings with radically different styles.

The update to this case study includes new footage of Vancouver nearly a decade later showing the results of construction by Asian immigrants, and new interviews with geographer David Ley discussing the reversing migration trends and Vancouver's economy.

Montreal: An Island of French examines the French-speaking population within Montreal, its turbulent history with the English-speaking minority, and the ongoing efforts to resist linguistic domination in North America. The case study focuses in particular on the city's large immigrant populations and their importance to francophone efforts to maintain majority status.

Updates to this program include examination of the 1995 referendum on Quebec sovereignty featuring detailed maps of the voting patterns among speakers of different languages.

Video Key Words


  • Great Circle Route
  • Asian Immigration
  • Cultural Conflict
  • Pacific Rim
  • Local Voices, Global Connections


  • Globalization
  • Quebecois
  • Referendum
  • Immigration
  • Language Preservation
  • Cultural Identity
  • Nationalism/Quebec Sovereignty


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