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Seismic Waves Tell Us About the Different Layers of the Earth

Run Time: 00:04:12

Geologist Keith Klepeis of the University of Vermont discusses how scientists use sound waves produced by geological equipment or earthquakes to probe what the Earth is made of deep below the surface. Evidence for distinguishing the different kinds of material that make up the layers of the Earth is gathered by measuring and comparing the P and S wave energy from earthquakes. This allows geologists to infer key properties of the interior structure of the Earth: the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core. Featured Scientists: Keith Klepeis, Ph.D. and David Sherrod, Ph.D.


NSES Standard

High school Standard D. Waves, including sound and seismic waves, waves on water, and light waves, have energy and can transfer energy when they interact with matter.


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