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Program 1: Past, Present, and Promise


Experiment: Tracking Racial Bias
Key Terms

Program 2: Understanding Research


Essay: Research in Action
Key Terms

Program 3: The Behaving Brain


Essay: The Brain and Amnesia
Key Terms

Program 4: The Responsive Brain


Experiment: The African Cichlid Fish
Key Terms

Program 5: The Developing Child


Interview Excerpt: Symbolic Understanding in Children
Key Terms

Program 6: Language Development


Interview Excerpt: Daniel Slobin on Patterns in Language Development
Key Terms

Program 7: Sensation and Perception


Interview Excerpt: David Hubel and the Visual Pathway
Key Terms

Program 8: Learning


Experiment: How Pigeons Learn Self Control
Key Terms

Program 9: Remembering and Forgetting


Essay: The Biology of Memory
Key Terms

Program 10: Cognitive Processeses


Interview Excerpt: Robert Glaser on Cognitive Processes
Key Terms

Program 11: Judgement and Decision Making


Test Yourself: Decision Making and the Availability Heuristic
Key Terms

Program 12: Motivation and Emotion


Interview Excerpt: Martin Seligman on Optimism and Pessimism
Key Terms

Program 13: The Mind Awake and Asleep


Essay: The Anatomy of Dreams
Key Terms

Program 14: The Mind Hidden and Divided


Interview Excerpt: Jonathan Schooler on Discovered Memory and False Memory
Key Terms

Program 15: The Self


Experiment: How Self-Efficacy Affects Performance
Key Terms

Program 16: Testing and Intelligence


Interview Excerpt: Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences
Key Terms

Program 17: Sex and Gender


Experiment: Developmental Gender Study
Key Terms

Program 18: Maturing and Aging


Test Yourself: Myths and Realities about Old Age
Key Terms

Program 19: The Power of the Situation


Experiment: Simulating Prison Life
Key Terms

Program 20: Constructing Social Reality


Interview Excerpt: Steven Hassan on the Power of Cults and the Myths Surrounding Them
Key Terms

Program 21: Psychopathology


Experiment: The Genetics of Schizophrenia
Key Terms

Program 22: Psychotherapy


Interview Excerpt: Hans Strupp on Psychodynamic Therapy
Key Terms

Program 23: Health, Mind, and Behavior


Essay: Holistic Medicine and the Biopsychosocial Approach
Key Terms

Program 24: Applying Psychology in Life


Interview Excerpt: Stephen Ceci on Child Witness Credibility
Key Terms

Program 25: Cognitive Neuroscience


Essay: Understanding Cognitive Neuroscience
Key Terms

Program 26: Cultural Psychology


Interview Excerpt: Hazel Markus on the Emergence of Cultural Psychology
Key Terms



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