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Watch: México

Episodio 29: ¡Se derrumbó!

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Episodio 29: ¡Se derrumbó!
  • 1–2:
    Introducción – La Gavia
  • 3–11:
  • 12–18:
  • 19–26:
    Puerto Rico
  • 27–52:

In Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish, lawyer Raquel Rodríguez travels to Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and finally to Mexico, all to solve a secret from Don Fernando's past. Destinos is in conversational Spanish, with some narration in English and in Spanish. Every episode covers new grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and cultural practices, with a review at the end. As you go from episode to episode and destination to destination, the content grows more challenging. For additional review, choose a related activity in the Practice section.

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