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Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane
Resources to help you teach the book in middle schools and high schools


The Children of Willesden Lane is the true story of Lisa Jura, a young girl who escapes Nazi persecution on the eve of World War II. This Web site offers resources to help you teach the book to middle and high school students.

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Introductory Videos

A boy and a girl from a middle school class discuss the bookFor Teachers
Curriculum Guide

Download a rich curriculum guide, created by Facing History and Ourselves, and the Milken Family Foundation.

Classroom Videos

Watch classroom examples that demonstrate how teachers delve into each section of the book with their middle and high school students.

Historical Context

Review the history—the rise of European antisemitism and Nazism—that forms the backdrop of the book.

Author Mona Golabek at the piano For Teachers and Students
About the Author

Learn about Lisa’s daughter, concert pianist
Mona Golabek.

Meeting Mona Golabek

Watch a profile of Mona and see how she is
carrying on her mother’s legacy.

A Special Performance

Watch and listen as Mona traces Lisa’s journey
through stories and music.

Musical Selections

Download and play the music that Lisa loved.


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