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Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane
Resources to help you teach the book in middle schools and high schools

Curriculum Guide

This print curriculum guide (PDF), created by Facing
History and Ourselves and the Milken Family
Foundation, provides a wealth of lessons and
activities for students. 

The curriculum guide (like this Web site) is
organized according to different sections of the book. Use the curriculum guide as a flexible structure for examining the events in the book, and relating them to historical and current events.

Two ways to plan instruction

Once you’ve read The Children of Willesden Lane and thought about which themes will be most engaging for your students, here are two ways to proceed:

Start with the curriculum guide

  • Print out the curriculum guide, and browse through it. When you find material you think is interesting and important for your students, note which section of the book it relates to.
  • Watch a corresponding Classroom Video, in which you will see a teacher and students engaged with the ideas in that section of the book.
  • Select material to share with your students: Meeting Mona Golabek, a documentary profile about the author; or parts of Mona’s Special Performance, “Music, Love, and Survival.”

Start with the Web site

  • Browse the Web site. When you locate a Classroom Video that interests you, note what section of the book it corresponds to.
  • Print the related section of the curriculum guide (available in Additional Resources for each Classroom Video) to get additional teaching ideas.
  • Alternatively, when you locate a resource you think your students will find compelling—such as Meeting Mona Golabek or the Special Performance
    bookmark it to use in class, and print out the discussion questions provided. 

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