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Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane
Resources to help you teach the book in middle schools and high schools

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Project Management & Video Production
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Meeting Mona Golabek
A Special Performance

The Children of Willesden Lane
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Project Management & Video Production

Lavine Production Group
Based in New York City, Lavine Production Group specializes in documentary films and television programs about education and the arts. LPG has created several professional development series for Annenberg Media, including The Arts in Every Classroom, a library and workshop for elementary school teachers; Connecting With the Arts, a library and workshop for middle grades teachers; The Art of Teaching the Arts, a workshop for high school teachers; and The Missing Link, a workshop for middle grades math teachers. LPG has also produced programs for PBS, the Arts & Entertainment Network, and Reader’s Digest.

Executive Producer & Project Director

Kaye Lavine

Series Producer

Miriam Lewin

Supervising Editor

Gary Bradley


Laura Young

Post Production Sound Mixer

Richard Fairbanks

Graphic Design and Animation

Carl Anderson

Post Production Supervisor

Elizabeth Elson

Financial Officer

Kelley Trotter


Instructional Design & Web Development

EDC/Center for Children and Technology

The Center for Children and Technology, part of Education Development Center, Inc., investigates how technology can influence and enhance teaching and learning across a wide range of educational settings. CCT conducts basic, applied, and formative research, working in collaboration with educational, corporate, government, and research institutions. CCT also designs and develops prototype software and instructional resources that support engaged, active learning. CCT has provided Web and print development for two previous Annenberg Media series: Connecting With the Arts and The Art of Teaching the Arts.

Senior Researcher and Designer

Bill Tally, Ph.D.

Senior Designer

John Parris

Research Associate

Julia Hermos

Web Developer

Laura Henze


Classroom Videos

Segment Producers

Elizabeth Elson
Claudia Mogel

Director of Photography

David Hogoboom

Location Audio

John Duvall
Dennis Hrbek

Production Assistants

Caitlin Boyle
Christopher Conforti
Bianca Kaprielian
Jackie Kim
Donna Talarico
Sherman Willmott

Participating Schools


Memphis, Tennessee
Sheila Huntley, 6th Grade Social Studies
Tonye McBride, Principal


Queens, New York City
Martina Grant, 10th Grade History
Jeff Arzberger, Music
Stephen Frey, Principal
Wendi Scherer, Principal’s Secretary


Haydenville, Massachusetts
Jane Percival, 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Amy Aaron, Administrative Coordinator


Memphis, Tennessee
Nancy Parrish, 8th Grade History
Roderick Richmond, Principal


Scranton, Pennsylvania
Chris Mazzino, English
Kevin Rogan, Principal


Meeting Mona Golabek

Director of Photography

David Hogoboom

Location Audio

Sean O’Neil

Production Assistant

Ryan Burroughs


Music, Love, and Survival:
A Special Performance

Directed by

Kaye Lavine


Miriam Lewin


Gary Bradley

Script Consultant

Christine Burrill

Lighting Designer

Douglas Carnevale

Sound Designer

Richard Fairbanks

Studio Facilities and Crew



The Children of Willesden Lane

The Children of Willesden Lane
Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love, and Survival

by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen

Warner Books, New York, 2002
hard cover ISBN: 0-446-52781-5
soft cover ISBN: 0-446-69027-9

to order discounted classroom sets of the book, e-mail:
or visit the Web site:


Project Advisors

Stanlee Brimberg

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Bank Street School
New York, New York

Stan teaches seventh-grade humanities at the Bank Street School for Children. He has taught and written extensively about curriculum development and has contributed original online and other curriculum materials to the Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, the New York Times Learning Network, the New York City Department of Education, the Library of Congress, the National Park Service, and the New-York Historical Society. Stan wrote a chapter about teaching history using primary source documents for the book Uncovering Our History. He and his class are featured in an Annenberg Media workshop for middle grades teachers called Teaching Multicultural Literature.

Margaret Goldberger

Chairman of the Speakers Bureau of The Kindertransport Association
Hicksville, New York

Margaret Goldberger was born in Berlin. At the age of 14, her parents sent her to England on a Kindertransport. She remained in England until after World War II, when she was reunited with her parents in New York. Before she retired, Mrs. Goldberger was an official of various Jewish youth organizations. She is the head of the Speakers Bureau of The Kindertransport Association. The KTA is a not-for-profit organization that brings together people associated with the Kindertransport, educates students and the general public, and takes part in charitable work involving children without parents.

Jane Percival

7th and 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Haydenville, Massachusetts

Jane Percival has taught for more than 30 years in a variety of settings that include public schools (grades 3-12) and private residential schools (grades 6-12). She has worked primarily with middle-schoolers, the age group with which she began her teaching career and one that she thoroughly enjoys. She has taught in self-contained classrooms, on a four-person instructional team as the language arts and/or science teacher, and in departmental settings as the English teacher or literacy specialist. In 2000, Jane left her position as assistant professor in the Education Department of the University of New Hampshire at Keene to join the Hilltown Cooperative Charter School, a public school in western Massachusetts, where she started the middle school program. In “Teaching The Children of Willesden Lane,” Jane and her students are seen in the classroom video “A Structured Conversation.”

Fran Sterling

Program Associate, Facing History and Ourselves
San Francisco, California

Fran has been with Facing History and Ourselves for five years. After teaching middle and high school social studies for six years at Jefferson County Open School near Denver, Fran decided to pursue her doctorate in History and Cultural Studies, with a focus on Holocaust and Genocide Studies, at Claremont Graduate School. Her research focused on issues of memory and memorialization of the Holocaust in contemporary Jewish museums. Throughout this time she remained in the classroom, teaching Modern Jewish History and English as a Second Language, and serving as an adjunct professor for a Holocaust Literature seminar. Fran received her B.A. in Politics from Mount Holyoke College, her M.A. in Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a diploma in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from Oxford University.


Annenberg Media

Project Officer

Scott Roberts, Director, Annenberg Media


Photo Credits

Family photographs in “An Introduction,” “Meeting Mona Golabek,” and “Music, Love, and Survival” are courtesy of Mona Golabek and Renée Golabek-Kaye.

Historic photographs in “An Introduction” are courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. (USHMM):

Broken shop window — USHMM, courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration,
   College Park, Maryland
Children with knapsacks — USHMM, courtesy of Frances Rose

Photographs used with Synopses:

Chapters 1–3 — USHMM, courtesy of Leo Spitzer
Chapters 4–8 — USHMM, courtesy of Ernest Marx
Chapters 9–12 — courtesy of Mona Golabek and Renée Golabek-Kaye
Chapters 13–19 — courtesy of Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library
Chapters 20–26 — courtesy of Mona Golabek and Renée Golabek-Kaye

Images used in Historical Context section:

Introduction (map) — USHMM
Race and Antisemitism — USHMM
Hitler’s Rise to Power — USHMM, photograph by Heinrich Hoffman/Studio of H. Hoffmann,
   courtesy of Richard Freimark
German Expansion and Antisemitism — USHMM
Kristallnacht: A Turning Point — USHMM, courtesy of National Archives and Records
   Administration, College Park, Maryland
The Kindertransport — USHMM, courtesy of Frances Rose

Note: The views or opinions expressed in this Web site, and the context in which the images are used, do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of, nor imply approval or endorsement by, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Photograph of Mona Golabek by Lee Brubaker


Special Thanks

Mona Golabek

Richard Burkhart
Sildic Chan
Field’s Pianos
Jonathan Golabek-Kaye
Rachel Golabek-Kaye
Renée Golabek-Kaye
Melissa Hacker
David Ida
Marc Kaye
Dan Lederer
Elsbeth Lewin
Jackie Maduff
The Museum of Television & Radio
Doug Ordunio
Rene Reyes
Terry Smith
Warner Books


Wallis Annenberg
Leonard Aube


Steve Becton
David Levy
Peter Nelson
Michele Phillips
Rachel Shankman
Marc Skvirsky
Margot Stern Strom


Lowell Milken
Dr. Jane Foley


In Memoriam

This Web site is dedicated to the memory of Lisa Jura,
and to the memory of our friend and colleague Kaye Lavine.



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