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5. Masculine Heroes   

16. The Search For Identity

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Activities: Author Activities

Diane Glancy - Teaching Tips

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  • Students may have a difficult time understanding some of Glancy's writing because of its nontraditional punctuation. You may want to teach them to read the more confusing sentences as if they were poetry. Also, ask them to read sentences aloud so that they can more easily find the rhythm and, accordingly, the meaning in the prose.

  • Discuss the importance of oral tradition in Native American cultures. You could pair these stories with earlier Native American texts. You could also ask student volunteers to read aloud from the stories and, while doing so, to remember that they're not just reading aloud: they're storytelling. For more information about the Native American oral tradition, see Unit 1.

  • Students may more usefully discuss elements of oral storytelling and other Native American beliefs/traditions in Glancy's stories if they have some background first. Wovoka, also known as Jack Wilson (c. 1856-1932), was a Native American prophet, considered by some to be a messiah, of the Paiute tribe. After receiving a command from God during a fever- and delirium-induced vision, he taught his tribe members a "ghost dance" that was to help them live prosperously and peacefully, recover their lost lands, and regain contact with their ancestors. You might start a discussion of Glancy by asking your students to read one or two of the Ghost Dance songs or a selection from Black Elk.

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