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5. Masculine Heroes   

14. Becoming Visible

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Unit Overview: Learning Objectives

After students have viewed the video, read the headnotes and literary selections in The Norton Anthology of American Literature, and explored related archival materials on the American Passages Web site, they should be able to
  1. see and discuss connections among Ralph Ellison's enthusiasm for jazz, his deep experience in classic American and European literature, and his own style and experiments as a writer;

  2. hear and discuss the various ways in which these writers use American urban and ethnic dialects, speech patterns, and folkways in writing for a multiethnic audience;

  3. understand how traditional American themes (growing up, breaking away from established values, finding love, pursuing dreams) are addressed and transformed by each of these authors;

  4. understand how change in cultural and personal life is addressed in the work of several of these writers;

  5. appreciate the dynamics of assimilation and acculturation;

  6. define the "novel of identity" as a distinct literary genre and discuss how it relates to the broader tradition of the bildungsroman;

  7. identify hallmarks of modern and contemporary Native American, African American, and Jewish American literature.

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