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5. Masculine Heroes   

14. Becoming Visible

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Activities: Author Activities

Grace Paley - Teaching Tips

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  • Invite a speaker to discuss what it was like to be young in the late 1960s and early 1970s. You could also have your students interview their parents and grandparents about what it was like to be alive during this era. (It would be useful to have more than one generation commenting on what those years were like.) Alternatively, have students volunteer their impressions of hippies, "free love," campus antiwar protests, the drug culture, etc. Then discuss "A Conversation with My Father" in the context of your students' comments.

  • Have students discuss how place or a sense of place affects a person's identity. Ask how they might be different if they had grown up in a different location or environment. Then discuss Paley's story in terms of place and identity.

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