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5. Masculine Heroes   

14. Becoming Visible

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Activities: Author Activities

Gwendolyn Brooks - Teaching Tips

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  • Brooks's work changed during the Black Arts movement of the 1960s. Have a group of students research the Black Arts movement (or read the materials on it in Unit 15) as well as the concept of Black Power and present their findings to the class. In an era in which black men were disempowered, disenfranchised, and often incarcerated, images of black men as strong and influential were particularly empowering. Ask students to consider both the "Black Is Beautiful" cultural program and the self-presentation of leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. What strategies do these images share with Brooks's presentation of black male subjectivity?

  • Have students create a poetry family tree for one of Brooks's poems that puts an attribute of the poem on each branch and traces it back to an earlier or contemporary poet. They should define each attribute on theirs trees and list the influencing poet's name and birth/death dates.

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