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5. Masculine Heroes   

14. Becoming Visible

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Activities: Author Activities

Saul Bellow - Teaching Tips

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  • "Looking for Mr. Green" is set during the depression. You may find it helpful to review some of the materials in Unit 12 to help students understand the lingering legacies of the Roosevelt administration's methods of assisting the poor and destitute. You might remind them that during the Great Depression over a third of the U.S. population needed and received government relief just to survive. Also review the state of race relations in the 1950s to understand some reasons why distrust of "the man" (the white man in a position of power or authority) would be so prevalent at this time. Have students put together a slide show using depression-era photographs that might help to illustrate issues presented in "Mr. Green."

  • Have your students build a "character trait" description of the narrator, George Grebe, describing their ideas about his personality and character. Where would he go for fun? What would he do? With whom would he hang out? What would his politics be? What kinds of movies would he like?

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