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5. Masculine Heroes   

13. Southern Renaissance

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Activities: Author Activities

Thomas Wolfe - Teaching Tips

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  • As in As I Lay Dying, the narrative changes in the "The Lost Boy" can be confusing to students. Ask students to chart the narrative changes in the story by listing the different narrators, the page on which the narration changes, and the specific textual devices Wolfe uses to indicate the change. Use your students' charts to talk about the importance of the different narrators to the overall effect of the story.

  • Wolfe's career raises questions about what an "author" is or does. Can we call Wolfe the author of Of Time and the River if the book was largely "shaped" by his editor? What is authorship? To help students think about such questions, ask them to write a definition of authorship, then have them discuss their definitions. How important is it that the reader be able to define what an author is or does?

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