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5. Masculine Heroes   

13. Southern Renaissance

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Robert Penn Warren - Selected Archive Items

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[4730] Marion Post Walcott, Political poster on sharecropper's house, Mississippi Delta, Mississippi (1939),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-USF33-020570-M3].
Campaign poster for Joe Hidgon, chancery clerk. Living conditions for sharecroppers were generally poor as they rarely made large profits and often had enormous debts. African American sharecroppers were also barred from voting and often received no education.

[7284] Lewis Wickes Hine, Starting Card in Motion, Picket Yarn Mill, High Point, North Carolina (1937),
courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration [NWDNS-69-RP-230].
Young man working in factory. Southern Agrarian writers expressed mixed feelings about industrial development and extolled the region's rural, agricultural traditions.

[7611] Ralph Clynne, Gloucester, Lower Woodville Rd., Natchez Vic., Adams County, MS (1934),
courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division [HABS, MISS, 1-NATCH. V, 1-1].
This photograph depicts the same plantation house shown in [4735] and [7654]. The house's dilapidated condition echoes the degradation of the myths of the South.

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