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5. Masculine Heroes   

12. Migrant

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Helena Maria Viramontes - Selected Archive Items

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[6125] Anonymous, Protest for Legislature to Improve Conditions [for Migrant Farm Workers] (1969),
courtesy of the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection.
Photograph of a migrant worker protest at the Capitol Building in Denver, Colorado. Hispanic and white men and women join together to urge improved living conditions for migrant workers. A priest holds a flag that says, "Huelga U.F.W.O.C. AFL-CIO Delano." Another man holds a sign that reads, "Denver Witnesses for Human Dignity."

[6708] Judith F. Baca, Pieces of Stardust (1992),
courtesy of the Social and Public Art Resource Center, © Judith F. Baca, Pieces of Stardust, 1992.
Judith Baca is an acclaimed muralist whose work is informed by the belief that art can be a forum for social dialogue, as well as a tool for social change. In this sense, her work shares much with the writings of Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherrie Moraga, and Helena Maria Viramontes and builds on the work of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

[7916] Helena Maria Viramontes, Helena Maria Viramontes--Writer (2002),
courtesy of Annenberg Media.
Frame of author Helena Maria Viramontes. Best known for her novel Under the Feet of Jesus, Viramontes deals with social justice in much of her work.

[8755] Helena Maria Viramontes, Interview: "Dominant Cultures in the United States" (2002),
courtesy of American Passages and Annenberg Media.
Helena Maria Viramontes discusses the message of the dominant U.S. cultures to the Chicano/a population.

[8981] Helena Maria Viramontes, Interview: "Looking for Hope" (2002),
courtesy of American Passages and Annenberg Media.
Helena Maria Viramontes discusses the importance of communication to the creation of hope.

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