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3. Utopian Promise   

11. Modernist Portraits

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Activities: Author Activities

John Dos Passos - Selected Archive Items

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[5940] Dorothea Lange, Labor Strikes: NYC (1934),
courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration [NLR-PHOCO-A-71134].
Labor demonstration on New York City street. John Dos Passos wrote explicitly political novels and argued that the greed encouraged by capitalism was destroying America.

[7200] Jack Delano, Portrait of a Coal Miner (1940),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-USF34-041334-D].
Photograph of a coal miner in work clothes. Authors such as John Dos Passos wrote about working-class people and labor rights.

[7423] Anonymous, Harvard Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. (1935),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-USZ62-94158].
John Dos Passos attended prestigious schools on the East Coast, including Choate and Harvard University. Graduating from college in 1916, he joined the volunteer ambulance corps and served in World War I.

[7426] Herbert Photos, Inc., Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco, manacled together (1927),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-USZ62-124547].
Sacco and Vanzetti, Italian immigrants and anarchists, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers and guards before entering a Dedham, Massachusetts, courthouse. In a series of incidents representative of the first American "red scare," these political radicals were accused of murder and received the death penalty, despite a lack of evidence.

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