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3. Utopian Promise   

11. Modernist Portraits

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Activities: Author Activities

Sherwood Anderson - Author Questions

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  1. Comprehension: What does Elizabeth Willard want for her son George? Why does she want "to cry out with joy" at the end of the story and why has "the expression of joy . . . become impossible"?

  2. Comprehension: What troubles Elmer in "Queer"? Why is he so threatened by George Willard? What is he trying to escape at the end of the story?

  3. Context: What links these stories together? What picture do they draw of the pressures of living in a small town?

  4. Exploration: Sherwood Anderson's fiction may in part be considered "regionalist," writing that tends to look at areas of America removed from the more settled and populated areas of the Northeast. What links do you see between Winesburg, Ohio and earlier stories we now label as "regionalist"? What connections can you make to the work of Sarah Orne Jewett and Mary Wilkins Freeman, for example, or to that of other writers in Unit 8? Where do Anderson's stories seem to diverge from the work of earlier regionalists?

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