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3. Utopian Promise   

10. Rhythms
in Poetry

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Activities: Author Activities

Ezra Pound - Author Questions

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  1. Comprehension: In "A Pact," what is Pound saying about his relationship to Whitman? What does he mean when he says, "I make a pact with you"? What is the tone of this poem? If Pound was so intent on creating a new kind of poetry, why does he invoke Whitman here?

  2. Context: In "Hugh Selwyn Mauberley," the narrator makes a timely reference to "kinema" (an early spelling of "cinema"), saying that "The 'age demanded' . . . a prose kinema" (lines 28-30). How might this poem be described as cinematic? How do you think the grow-popularity of cinema in the 1920s and 1930s affected Pound's poetry?

  3. Context: "Mauberley" also bears the burden of a war just fought. How does Pound portray World War I? What is his attitude toward it?

  4. Exploration: Compare Williams's poems "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" and "The Dance" with Pound's "To Whistler, American." What differences do you notice? What techniques do the poets use to capture the visual art? Why do you think Williams chooses a Flemish artist, while Pound chooses an American? How do the poets use visual art differently?

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