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3. Utopian Promise   

9. Social

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Activities: Author Activities

Sui Sin Far (Edith Maud Eaton) - Author Questions

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  1. Comprehension: In what ways is Mrs. Spring Fragrance "Americanized"? What traditional Chinese values and customs does she retain?

  2. Context: How does Sui Sin Far portray Mrs. Spring Fragrance's domestic activities and home life? How do her relationships with her neighbors and her husband compare to European American norms? How does Sui Sin Far's description of Mrs. Spring Fragrance's attachment to her home compare to Anzia Yezierska's portrait of Hanneh Hayyeh's joy in her kitchen?

  3. Context: In "Mrs. Spring Fragrance," Sui Sin Far twice alludes to Mr. Spring Fragrance's brother, who has been detained in a "detention pen" at the Angel Island Immigration Center in San Francisco. Why does Sui Sin Far include these references to Mr. Spring Fragrance's brother, who is, after all, not an actor in the story? How does his immigration experience complicate the tone and resolution of the story?

  4. Exploration: How might Sui Sin Far's work have influenced later Chinese American women writers, such as Amy Tan or Maxine Hong Kingston? Do these three authors deal with some of the same issues? How are Tan's and Kingston's concerns different from Sui Sin Far's?

  5. Exploration: Could Sui Sin Far be considered a "regional realist," like the writers featured in Unit 8? Why or why not?

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