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8. Regional Realism   

8. Regional

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Activities: Author Activities

Kate Chopin - Teaching Tips

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  • Kate Chopin habitually wrote her stories and novels while sitting in the living room, surrounded by the noise of her busy household and subject to the demands of her six children. She wrote only one or two days a week and composed most of her stories in a single sitting without revision. She said of her own writing, "I am completely at the mercy of unconscious selection. To such an extent is this true, that what is called the polishing up process has always proved disastrous to my work, and I avoid it, preferring the integrity of crudities to artificialities." Ask students to consider what kinds of aesthetic values underwrite this description of a writer at work. Why was Chopin invested in presenting herself as someone who never revised? Why might she assume that readers would appreciate "crudities" over "artificialities"?

  • Chopin's original title for The Awakening was "The Solitary Soul." Ask students which title they prefer. Why might Chopin have changed the title? What different ideas does each title suggest about the novel's heroine and about her suicide?

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