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5. Masculine Heroes   

5. Masculine

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Activities: Author Activities

Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton - Author Questions

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  1. Comprehension: What is a "squatter"? What is a "Don"? Who is the novel's hero and what qualities does he embody?

  2. Comprehension: What kinds of discrimination do the resident Californios face in The Squatter and the Don? How do the squatters jeopardize their claims to their ranches? What kinds of tactics do the Californios adopt in their efforts to maintain their land?

  3. Context: How does Ruiz de Burton portray the railroad industry in The Squatter and the Don? How do the railroad monopolies impact the San Diego community in the novel? What does the railroad come to symbolize in the novel?

  4. Context: Both Ruiz de Burton's The Squatter and the Don and Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona are sentimental novels about ethnically diverse people living in the rapidly changing culture of nineteenth-century California. (See Unit 7 for an explanation and discussion of the sentimental novel.) How do these two texts share similar concerns? How are they different? How do their portraits of Native American characters compare? How does their treatment of interracial marriage compare?

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