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4. Spirit of Nationalism   

4. Spirit of Nationalism

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Royall Tyler - Selected Archive Items

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[3147] James Brown Marston, The Old State House [Boston] (1801),
courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
In this rare painting by the otherwise relatively unknown Marston, we see commerce at work in Boston's traditional center, only a few years after the seat of government had moved to the New State House on Beacon Hill. Royall Tyler hailed from the Boston of this era.

[4423] Anonymous, The First Step [Godey's Lady's Book] (1858),
courtesy of Hope Greenberg, University of Vermont.
These homespun Americans are similar to the characters in Royall Tyler's The Contrast, the first American comedy played in public by professional actors.

[5046] Gilbert Stuart, George Washington [Photograph of a painting] (1900),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-D416-29910].
The figure of Washington quickly became central to the new nation's understanding of itself. Colonel Manly in Royall Tyler's The Contrast may have been modeled after Washington.

[8565] Bruce Michelson, Interview: "Old World Ties" (2001),
courtesy of Annenberg Media.
Bruce Michelson, professor of English at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, discusses the relationship of the Old World to America, a theme that underlies Royall Tyler's The Contrast.

[9053] Candour, Review of The Contrast, from the New York Daily Advertiser (1787).
This contemporary review of Royall Tyler's The Contrast was published in the New York Daily Advertiser in 1787.

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