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4. Spirit of Nationalism   

4. Spirit of Nationalism

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Jonathan Edwards - Selected Archive Items

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[3169] Jonathan Edwards, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God (1741),
courtesy of the New York Public Library.
Edwards delivered this sermon on July 8, 1741, in Enfield, Connecticut. Edwards's preaching helped fan the flames of religious revival at the dawn of the first Great Awakening.

[4475] Anonymous, Old Ship Church, 88 Main St., Hingham, Plymouth County, MA Interior (1681),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [HABS, MASS,12-HING,5-].
The Old Ship Church is the oldest meetinghouse in continuous ecclesiastical use in the United States. Puritan meetinghouses were square in shape, unadorned, and lacked altars, reflecting the plain-style aesthetic and a congregational emphasis.

[6871] John Stevens, The Mary Carr Stone (1721),
courtesy of Wesleyan University Press.
The Mary Carr Stone rests in Old Common Burying-ground in Newport, Rhode Island. It reads, "Here lyeth the Body of Mary the Wife of John Carr, Dyed Sepr; ye 28th: 1721: in ye 21st: year of her age." The carving was made at the John Stevens Shop by the elder Stevens, a carver known for the quality and innovativeness of his work. Its imagery emphasizes rebirth. The sides and bottom house show leaf patterns, pilasters, rosettes: flowers and leaves were associated with life (Job 14) and fecundity. At the top is a cherub with wings, and at the base is a pair of peacocks, symbols of immortality.

[8811] Emory Elliot, Interview: "Puritan Impact" (2001),
courtesy of Annenberg Media.
Elliott, professor of English at the University of California, Riverside, discusses the impact of Puritan thought and ideology on American culture.

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