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4. Spirit of Nationalism   

4. Spirit of Nationalism

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Activities: Author Activities

William Apess - Teaching Tips

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  • Review the history of King Philip's War with your students (the author biography of Mary Rowlandson and the context on "English Settlers' Views of Native Americans" in Unit 3 contain background on this topic). Ask them to consider why Apess might have been invested in claiming Metacomet as an ancestor. What qualities in Metacomet's history probably appealed to Apess? Why? How would Apess's perceptions of King Philip's War differ from white histories of the same event?

  • Ask students to pay attention to Apess's use of scripture in "An Indian's Looking-Glass." You might point out that he does not employ biblical quotations in the first half of his essay. Why does Apess use the Bible when he does? How does he use scripture to back up his arguments? What kinds of passages does he choose?

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