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3. Utopian Promise   

3. Utopian

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Activities: Author Activities

Sarah Kemble Knight - Selected Archive Items

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[6750] George F. Wright, Gurdon Saltonsall (c. 1710),
courtesy of Yale University Art Gallery.
This portrait depicts the Reverend Gurdon Saltonstall (1666-1724) of Connecticut, Knight's host in New London. Born in Massachusetts and educated at Harvard, Saltonstall became governor of Connecticut in 1708.

[7057] Annie Fisher, Fisher's Tavern in Dedham,
courtesy of the Dedham Historical Society, Dedham, Massachusetts.
Like most eighteenth-century travelers, Knight rented rooms in public inns and taverns. In her journal, Knight recalls going to Fisher's Tavern to find a guide to take her to Billings's Tavern her first night on the road. Drinking was a popular Puritan activity, and taverns played an important role in the social and political lives of towns.

[7060] Anonymous, The Reverend James Pierpont (1711),
courtesy of Yale University Art Gallery.
In his will Pierpont gave eight acres of land upon which the first meeting house was built. Pierpont appears in Knight's Private Journal when he mediates on behalf of Knight. His dress in the portrait reflects a persistence of "plain style" into the eighteenth century, at least among the orthodox Calvinist ministers.

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