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2. Exploring Borders   

2. Exploring

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Activities: Author Activities

Americo Paredes - Selected Archive Items

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[5936] Jose Guadalupe Posada, Corrido: Fusilamiento Bruno Martinez (1920s),
courtesy of Davidson Galleries.
Political and social statements played an important part in Posada's art. This Mexican Revolutionary-era print shows a charro bravely facing a group of onrushing federales. The title translates as The Execution of Bruno Martinez.

[6573] Anonymous, Cover art for Americo Paredes's With a Pistol in His Hand (1958),
courtesy of the University of Texas Press.
Paredes's With a Pistol in His Hand tells the story of Gregorio Cortez, an early-twentieth-century border hero who lives in folk memory on both sides of the Rio Grande in "El corrido de Gregorio Cortez."

[6575] Marcos Loya, Americo Paredes with Guitar (2001),
courtesy of UCLA.
This painting of Americo Paredes was done by Marcos Loya two years after Paredes's death. Loya is himself an accomplished Chicano guitarist.

[6581] Americo Paredes, Sheet music: Gregorio Cortez p.1 (n.d.),
courtesy of the General Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin, © 2002.
Cortez was a border hero who lives on in folk memory and whose story was told by Americo Paredes in With a Pistol in His Hand. The second page of the sheet music can be seen in the American Passages Archive [6583].

[7747] Danny Lyon, Fifth and Mesa in the Second Ward. El Paso's "Barrio" (1972),
courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
Photograph by Danny Lyon for the Environmental Protection Agency's Documerica project. Lyon, one of the most creative documentary photographers of the late twentieth century, photographed the Rio Grande Valley and the Chicano barrio of South El Paso, Texas.

[9064] Anonymous, El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez (c. 1910),
courtesy of Pedro Rocha and Lupe Martínez.
Text of Cortez corrido. This corrido takes as its subject the murder of an Anglo-Texan sheriff by a Texas Mexican, Gregorio Cortez, and the ensuing chase, capture, and imprisonment of Cortez.

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