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2. Exploring Borders   

2. Exploring

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Activities: Author Activities

Gloria Anzaldúa - Selected Archive Items

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[5394] Dorothea Lange, Mexican Mother in California (1935),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-USF34- 000825-ZC].
New Deal photographer Dorothea Lange captured many images of the hardships endured during the Great Depression. Here, a Mexican migrant worker living in California explains, "Sometimes I tell my children that I would like to go to Mexico, but they tell me, 'We don't want to go, we belong here.'"

[7084] Mirta Vidal, Cover of Chicanas Speak Out (1971),
courtesy of Duke University.
Chicana authors, including Cherrie Moraga and Lorna Dee Cervantes, protested definitions of womanhood and American identity that did not include Chicana heritage and life.

[7338] Jorge Gonzalea Camarena, Visit Mexico [poster] (c. 1940-50),
courtesy of the Library of Congress, American Memory.
A pretty young Mexican woman is shown holding out a bowl of tropical fruits in this poster, which was intended to encourage U.S. tourists to vacation in Mexico.

[7605] Anonymous, Unidentified Woman Finishes Defiant Message (1973),
courtesy of the Denver Public Library.
A young woman with long hair, wearing bellbottoms, scrawls out a message which reads, "We are not beaten . . . and we do not intend to be beaten or driven as such. . . . What has happened here is but the sound before the fury of those who are oppressed."

[8215] American Passages, Gloria Anzaldúa--Critic/Poet/Writer (2002),
courtesy of Annenberg Media.
Photograph of Anzaldúa, whose works explore what it means to be of mixed descent, as well as a lesbian, in the United States.

[8756] Eliot Young, Interview: "Chicano Literature" (2002),
courtesy of Annenberg Media.
Elliot Young, assistant professor of English at Lewis and Clark College, discusses the role of Chicano and Chicana literature in American history.

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