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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Author Activities

Black Elk and John G. Neihardt - Selected Archive Items

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[2251] Anonymous, Poster for Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World (c. 1899),
courtesy of the Library of Congress [LC-USZC4-2943].
As a young man, Black Elk took part in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. This poster shows a band of Rough Riders battling Cuban insurgents. The famous charge at San Juan Hill had taken place the previous year.

[7418] Anonymous, Boy's moccasins, Lakota (n.d.),
courtesy of the New York State Historical Association, Thaw Collection.
Reservation-period (post-1880) beadwork on these dress moccasins shows how the American flag motif was incorporated into Native American design. This motif has been read as a sign of assimilation or as a way to capture the power of the enemy.

[8117] Mandan and Plains Indians, Moccasins (c. 1850-70),
courtesy of the Portland Art Museum, gift of Elizabeth Cole Butler.
Typical Plains clothing included buckskin aprons, leggings, and moccasins for men and buckskin dresses for women. Buffalo-skin robes were worn in cold weather. Decorated moccasins are common in portraits and photos of Plains Indians.

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