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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Author Activities

Ghost Dance Songs - Selected Archive Items

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[4219] Western Photograph Company, Gathering up the Dead at the Battle Field of Wounded Knee, South Dakota (1891),
courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.
U.S. soldiers standing in front of a wagon full of dead Sioux. A blizzard delayed the burial of the dead. Eventually the Sioux were buried in a mass grave, with little effort made to identify the bodies.

[8102] Blackfeet Tribe, Shirt (c. 1890),
courtesy of the Portland Art Museum, gift of Elizabeth Cole Butler. [86.126.32].
Shirts such as this one were worn by practitioners of the Ghost Dance religion. Clothing varied from tribe to tribe, but many believed that the shirts protected wearers from bullets and attack.

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