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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Author Activities

Louise Erdrich - Author Questions

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  1. Comprehension: Why is Fleur so threatening to the men? How do they respond to this threat?

  2. Comprehension: By the end of the story, who does it seem did the actual locking up of the men in the meat locker?

  3. Context: How are we meant to evaluate Fleur? How do the initial supernatural hints inform our feelings about her? What are we to make of her impossibly lucky poker playing? What is her relationship to her Chippewa heritage?

  4. Context: How are we meant to evaluate the narrator, Pauline? What are we to make of her rejection of the Chippewa, her assertion that she "was made for better"? Why does she not help Fleur?

  5. Exploration: What do you make of the fact that the story as originally published is "Fleur," but that its appearance in Tracks is subtitled "Pauline"? If possible, read the novel to answer this question; however, you might speculate about this apparent interchangeability based simply upon the events and narration of the story.

  6. Exploration: Why does it matter that the main characters here are both women? You might think of the story as an exploration of the range of options that Chippewa women in 1913 had to exercise power. In that case, consider the varying forms of power that both women display and speculate on what you think Erdrich is saying about gender.

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