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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Author Activities

Louise Erdrich - Teaching Tips

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  • Have your students write a character sketch of Fleur. Does she change or surprise us, or is she constant? At what point do we know that Fleur is different from the other characters in the story? What linguistic and literary devices does Erdrich use to call attention to this difference?

  • It may be helpful to fill students in on some background about Fleur and the stories that people in her community tell about her, such as the idea that during a starving time she went windigo or that she met with an underwater manito and survived. One ethnographer reports that the Chippewa of Parry Island say there are spirits everywhere, "or there were until the white man came, for today, the Indians say, most of them have moved away." Ask students to consider what it means that Fleur maintains this close relationship to the spirit realm even in the face of white settlement. What role does the supernatural play in the story?

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