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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Author Activities

Chippewa Songs - Selected Archive Items

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[7428] Anonymous, Rocky Boy (Stone Child), A Chippewa Chief, Three-Quarter Length, Standing, Dressed in Ornate Costume (n.d.),
courtesy of the National Archives, Still Pictures Branch.
Native American "Chief Songs" were sung by community members in praise of and to their chief. Fancy dress such as the outfit worn by Rocky Boy (Stone Child) reinforces authority and status in American Indian cultures. Rocky Boy was a famous chief, and the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation in Montana is named after him.

[9087] Cal Scott, Music of Chippewa Songs (2002),
courtesy of Cal Scott Music.
This is a sound recording of the music for the Chippewa songs featured in The Norton Anthology of American Literature.

[9106] Thomas Wyatt, "Whoso List to Hunt," from The Poems of Sir Thomas Wiat (1913),
courtesy of University of London Press.
English poet Thomas Wyatt here reflects on the relationship between hunting and loving, a relationship that is also posed in contemporary poems like "Jacklight" by Louise Erdrich.

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