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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Author Activities

Chippewa Songs - Teaching Tips

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  • Play your students some of the music from the Chippewa songs in the archive. What is the tone of the music? How does it compare to the tone of the Chippewa songs in The Norton Anthology of American Literature? Using Densmore's categories as a starting point, have students create their own categories for the types of music.

  • Early musicologist Frances Densmore has this to say about the thirty love songs she recorded: "Only one was inspired by happiness. All these songs were comparatively modern. Too frequently the words contained the information that the singer intended to drown disappointment in liquor. On moonlight nights one hears wailing songs of this kind issuing from the barred windows of the agency guardhouse. Let us hope that future students of Indian music will pass them by. Weird they are, and melodious they may be, but representative of true Indian character they assuredly are not." Ask students to refute Densmore's claim. Upon what assumptions is it based? What does she mean by "true Indian character"? Why does she think that these songs would be less worth collecting?

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