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Literary Visions

First Sight: An Introduction to Literature

Ways of Seeing: Responding to Literature

A Personal View: The Art of the Essay

Reflected Worlds: The Elements of Short Fiction

The Story's Blueprint: Plot and Structure in Short Fiction

Telling Their Tales: Character in Short Fiction

In That Time and Place: Setting and Character in Short Fiction

The Author's Voice: Tone and Style in Short Fiction

Suggested Meanings: Symbolism and Allegory in Short Fiction

The Sum of Its Parts: Theme in Short Fiction

The Sacred Words: The Elements of Poetry

A Sense of Place: Setting and Character in Poetry

Tools of the Trade: Words and Images in Poetry

Seeing Anew: Rhetorical Figures in Poetry

An Echo to the Sense: Prosody and Form in Poetry

Distant Voices: Myth, Symbolism, and Allusion in Poetry

Artful Resonance: Theme in Poetry

Playing the Part: Characters and Actors in Drama

Patterns of Action: Plot and Conflict in Drama

Perspectives on Illusion: Setting and Staging in Drama

The Vision Quest: Myth and Symbolism in Drama

A Frame for Meaning: Theme in Drama

Casting Long Shadows: The Power of Literature

Continuing Vision: The Uses of Literature


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