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Curriculum Resources
for Teaching About Refugees

For Students

Click on links to content resources about the refugee crisis and the related topic of immigration.

#WithRefugees Stories and Petition from UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

Hear the stories of ordinary people forced to flee their homes to escape violence and persecution. Then show your support for displaced families worldwide by signing the #WithRefugees petition.

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REFUGEE Exhibition

Sep 25, 2017 - Nov 3, 2017
by Annenberg Space for Photography
Travels to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ā€“ The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education

This exhibit explores the lives of refugees from a host of diverse populations dispersed and displaced throughout the world.

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Annenberg Space for Photography's REFUGEE Film Now on Netflix

Five acclaimed photographers travel the world to provide detailed insight into the difficult conditions faced by refugees who dream of a better life. 2016.

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Crisis in Focus: A Moderated Panel Discussion with Photographers featured in the REFUGEE Exhibition

In Crisis in Focus, three of the REFUGEE exhibit photographers discuss the stories behind their moving images.

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Art Through Time, Portraits

Learn how portraiture has played an important role in the way people have understood themselves and their relationships to others across cultures and throughout time.

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UNHCR Refugee Statistics

UNHCR statistics mapping the forced displacement of people around the world.

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MapMaker: Immigration in U.S. History

View the map theme "Immigration in U.S. History" to understand why waves of immigrants came to the U.S. and where they settled.

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For Teachers

Click on links to activities, lesson plans, and other professional development resources to help you with teaching about the refugee crisis and the related topic of immigration.

Essential Lens: Forced Displacement and Human Rights

Analyze a collection of photographs of refugees and internally displaced groups, and discuss the causes of human displacement and how the international community is responding.

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Essential Lens: Focus In

Photographic historian Makeda Best shows secondary school teachers how to incorporate photographs and photographic ephemera into instruction using the Focus In tool.

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Teaching Multicultural Literature: Social Justice and Action

Example activities that can be used as part of a larger study of immigration in literature and social studies classrooms.

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Social Studies in Action: Population and Resource Distribution

The distribution of the world's resources influences migrations and plays a role in governments' decisions about accepting refugee populations. See an activity on how to discuss this topic with students.

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Reading & Writing in the Disciplines: Making Writing Explicit in Social Studies

Classroom video shows activities that help students be active, intelligent, thoughtful historians and citizens in the world. Students discuss and write about causes and effects of complex issues happening in the world, and learn to express their ideas with confidence.

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Essential Lens: Immigration, Urbanization, Identity

Activities, content, and rights-cleared photographs that can be used to explore U.S. immigration and urbanization from the 1880sā€“1920s, including immigrants' struggle to maintain their cultural identity.

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Why Do Humans Migrate?

Blog post highlighting resources that provide information on the causes of both early and more recent human migrations related to climate, economics, and cultural and political conflict.

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Ancient Immigration

Immigration and migration have always been part of life, with people moving around the world for many different reasons. Read about how to discuss this topic with students.

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U.S. Immigration: Legal vs. Illegal

Read about the history of laws concerning immigration in the U.S. and how to have meaningful, and sometimes difficult, conversations about the topic with students.

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Immigration: Push, Pull, or Both?

This post looks at fluidity of movement, including push and pull factors, to promote more empathy for refugees.

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If you are currently using great materials that are not listed here, please let us know at [email protected].

Background photo from the REFUGEE exhibit film by Tiger Nest Films


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