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Whole-Class Literature Discussion

Thought-provoking questions are required for class, during which there are critical literature discussions, focusing on the conflict and characters’ actions in the novel.

Whole-Group Seminar Discussion

As the class discusses Langston Hughes’ short story, "Passing," in a seminar, they react and respond to the unique perspectives on equality and oppression.

Whooping Crane: A Tale of Two Cranes: Captive vs. Wild

What are the differences and similarities between how young captive-bred and wild-bred cranes deal with their environment?

Whooping Crane: Flight Formation: The V's Have It!

Why do some bird species fly in V formation? How do birds fly long distances?

Whooping Crane: Goose Send-Off: A Migration Poem by Owen Neill

Read and discuss a poem about the migration of the crane. Write your own poem or story.

Whooping Crane: Meet the Eastern Flock

Researchers observe the individual physical and behavioral characteristics of a specific group of whooping cranes.

Whooping Crane: Migration: A Dangerous Journey

What are the dangers whooping cranes face during the migratory journey and what percentage of these dangers are directly related to human activities?

Whooping Crane: The Story Behind a Stamp

Design your own stamp to help carry the conservation message around the country.

The X Factor - Trinomials and Algebra Tiles

Factor trinomial expressions of the formx2 + bx + c. Use algebra tiles to identify the binomial factors and the graphing calculator to verify the result.

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