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Distance Learning

Licensing for Courses and Using Video in Learning Management Systems

License to use Annenberg Learner video in multiple ways. As the basis of your distance learning, f2f, online, or hybrid course offerings, or as additional material. Your institution can also license the entire Annenberg Learner collection giving you the ability to search, bookmark and customize video content for use in any learning management system, such as Blackboard, etc. For more information on this option, visit College Anywhere.

Most Annenberg Learner courses include:
  • Video
  • Coordinated Web sites
  • Online textbooks
  • Student and faculty guides
  • Interactive activities
  • Glossaries

More information about licensing requirements and fees can be found on our Distance Learning FAQ page.

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Distance Learning License Fee(s):
Per Student (no additional fees) $45 per course
Per Term (student fees included) $1,000 per course, per term
Per Year (student fees included) $2,000 per course, per year
Three Year (student fees included) $5,000 per course, three consecutive years
Per Program (student fees included) # of programs per term per year
Per Program Fee allows educators to pick and choose video programs from any course(s) in our collection to incorporate into a f2f, hybrid, or online course. up to 52 $50/ea $100/ea
53 - 100 $25/ea $50/ea
Additional Options: multiple license incentive pricing; student DVDs; audio describe video, digital files



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