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If you cannot find the resource you are looking for in this list, check our discontinued series list for distributor contact information.

Mathematics, Grades 6 - 8

Insights Into Algebra 1: Teaching for Learning

This video workshop for middle and high school teachers presents strategies for improving how typical Algebra 1 topics are taught.

Learning Math: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Practical examples highlight the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics in this video- and Web-based course for K-8 math teachers.

Learning Math: Geometry

Discover how geometric reasoning can be used as a method of problem solving in this video- and Web-based course for K-8 teachers.

Learning Math: Measurement

Examine some of the major ideas in measurement and their practical applications in this video- and Web-based course for K-8 teachers.

Learning Math: Number and Operations

This video- and Web-based course for K-8 teachers examines three main categories in the Number and Operations strand of the math standards.

Learning Math: Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

Explore the big ideas in algebra - patterns, functions, and linearity - in this video- and Web-based course for K-8 teachers.

Mathematics Assessment: A Video Library, K-12

This video library for K-12 educators looks at the many types of mathematics assessments and what they reveal about student learning.

The Missing Link: Essential Concepts for Middle School Math Teachers

This video workshop for middle school math teachers covers essential topics missed in most U.S. math curricula.

Private Universe Project in Mathematics

This video workshop for K-12 educators investigates how math teaching can be structured to resonate with children's own often complex ideas.

Surprises in Mind

Explore the brain's inborn abilities for learning math and tools to nurture it in this documentary for K-8 teachers and administrators.

Teaching Math, Grades 6-8

This course, available only online, provides an overview and exploration of the NCTM process standards for grades 6-8.

Teaching Math: A Video Library, 5-8

This video library for grade 5-8 math teachers shows real classrooms where the NCTM standards guide the lessons.


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