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Spanish: Politics of Art

Lesson Materials

Rules for Debate (PDF, 15 K)
Debate procedure followed by students (Includes English translation)

Debate Worksheet: Student Work (PDF, 104 K)
Worksheet completed by a student, which lists classmates' arguments and counterarguments during the debate

Class Project Web Site
Site about the class project, including the original protest letter, information about selected artists, and students' final letter on behalf of the group they formed called the Panamerican Artists' Cooperative (Available in English and Spanish)

Curriculum References

New York State Education Department: Standards and Information About Learning Languages Other Than English

Lori Langer de Ramirez's Recommendations

Web Resources:

Background on Colombian Protest Letter
Article detailing the events that led Colombian artists and intellectuals to write a letter in protest of Spain's visa requirements (Available in Spanish only)

Print Resources:

Krashen, Stephen D., and Tracy D. Terrell. The Natural Approach: Language Acquisition in the Classroom. Hayward, CA: Alemany Press, 1983.

Omaggio, Alice C. Language Teaching in Context. 2d ed. Boston: Heinle & Heinle Publishers, 1993.

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