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Politics of Art

Video Summary
In this lesson, students read a letter written by prominent Colombian artists and intellectuals to Spain's prime minister. The letter is in protest of a new Spanish policy requiring Colombians to obtain a visa in order to enter Spain. Role-playing Latin American artists, students formally debate the pros and cons of accepting an invitation to exhibit their work in Spain. After a vote, they prepare to write a letter in response based on majority opinion.

Standards Addressed


Interpersonal, Interpretive, Presentational


Practices, Products


Making Connections, Acquiring Information

Key Terms
authentic materials
native speaker
thematic units

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images from Langer de Ramirez Spanish class

Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Lori Langer de Ramirez
Language: Spanish V
Grade: 12
School: Herricks High School, New Hyde Park, New York
Lesson Date: February 26
Class Size: 22
Schedule: 43 minutes daily

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