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Spanish: Hearing Authentic Voices

Curriculum References

Delaware Foreign Languages Curriculum Framework

Davita Alston's Recommendations

Web Resources:

Day of the Dead
Information about the Mexican holiday, including its history, crafts, foods, and more

Hispanic Heritage Month
Web links to sites with information about Hispanic cultures, organizations, research information, and more

K-12 Foreign Language
The Web site for Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, which includes rubrics and useful Web links

Learn Spanish
An online tutorial featuring a wide assortment of Spanish learning tools

A resource that provides teachers, parents, and students with an online community for sharing homework and other school-related information

Print Resources:

Garza, Carmen Lomas. Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia. San Francisco, CA: Children's Book Press, 2000.

Lorenzo, Patti. Get Them Talking!: Theater Games, Storytelling Techniques & Singing & Chanting Ideas. Houston, TX: Dolo Publications, Inc., 2002.

Ray, Blaine. Patricia Va a California. Berkeley, CA: Command Performance Language Institute, 2001.

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