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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

Russian: Russian Cities, Russian Stories

Lesson Materials

Read-to-Write Activity: Student Work (PDF, 55 K)
Sample worksheet completed by a student during the read-to-write group activity (Includes English translation)

Travel Story (PDF, 21 K)
Instructions that students used to write and present an original folktale

Curriculum References

New York State Education Department: World Languages

Jane Shuffelton's Additional Resources

Web Resources:

Bucknell University's Russian Studies Materials
An annotated list of links to Web sites about Russian culture, government, religion, and more

CIA -- The World Factbook -- Russia
A general overview of Russia's history, economy, and political system, including population statistics and economic indicators

Olympiada of Spoken Russian
Information about the national competition for high school students of Russian, including contest rules and preparatory materials

A vast collection of Russian-language resources, including thematic learning modules

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