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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

Japanese: Promoting Attractions of Japan

Lesson Materials

Video Project Guidelines (PDF, 37 K)
Instructions that students used to create their Japanese tourism videos

Video Project Rubric (PDF, 22 K)
Mr. Azama's rubric for grading the student video projects

Curriculum References

California Department of Education Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks

Yo Azama's Additional Resources

Web Resources:

The Japan Foundation
Web site for the Foundation's Los Angeles office, which includes information about local arts and culture activities, language teaching resources, Web links, and more

Web Japan: Japan Atlas
Provides visual resources on a variety of topics related to the nature, traditions, and current social trends of Japan

Web Japan: Regions & Cities
Information about the regions and cities of Japan

Japan National Tourism Organization
Information for people traveling to Japan (Available in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean)

American Association of Teachers of Japanese
The national organization's Web site

Yahoo! Japan
The Japanese-language version of the popular search engine

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