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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices

Introduction to the Library

The "Introduction to the Library" video summarizes the goals and content of Teaching Foreign Languages K–12: A Library of Classroom Practices. It includes excerpts from the video library and methodology workshops as well as reflections from teachers, students, and experts in the field.

The video library excerpts capture the range of foreign language teaching practices shown in the collection. You will see students in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms studying eight different languages. You'll see the students communicating with one another and with their teacher, learning culturally rich content, making connections to other disciplines, comparing cultures, and using the language in real-life contexts. You will also see case studies of teachers using different assessment strategies in foreign language education. The video also introduces the companion resource to the video library, an eight-session methodology workshop. The workshop features teachers and researchers talking about the current research in foreign language education and what it means to have a standards-based classroom.

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the entire collection and to help you decide which of the other videos you want to watch. You can also use this introductory video to:
  • launch a study group using the video library, and
  • inform parents and administrators about the library and the methodology workshop.

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