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Interpreting La Belle et la Bête

Video Summary
In this lesson, students discuss the classic 1946 film La Belle et la Bête, written and directed by Jean Cocteau. The film is an adaptation of the traditional children's story Beauty and the Beast. Having seen most of the film, students compare it to the original story. Then, after watching the film's conclusion, they discuss the movie's symbolism and deeper meaning.

Standards Addressed


Interpersonal, Interpretive


Practices, Products


Making Connections, Acquiring Information


Comparing Culture

Key Terms
affective filter
authentic materials
negotiation of meaning
thematic units

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images from Pasquier French class

Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Michel Pasquier
Language: French IV
Grade: 11
School: Herricks High School, New Hyde Park, New York
Lesson Date: February 27
Class Size: 23
Schedule: 43 minutes daily

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