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A Cajun Folktale and Zydeco

Video Summary
In this lesson, students learn about music and storytelling in the Cajun culture. They begin by comparing Louisiana and California life. Ms. Granville then introduces new vocabulary about agriculture while retelling a traditional Cajun folktale. Next, the students re-enact the story in groups, then use a story map to review elements of the folktale. Ms. Granville concludes the lesson with an introduction to zydeco music, including an opportunity for students to play authentic instruments.

Standards Addressed


Interpersonal, Interpretive


Practices, Products


Making Connections

Key Terms
backward planning
informal assessment
story map
Venn diagram

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images from Granville French class

Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Paris Granville
Language: French
Grade: 8
School: Pleasant Hill Middle School, Pleasant Hill, California
Lesson Date: January 13
Class Size: 22
Schedule: 80 minutes every other day

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