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Teaching Foreign Languages K–12

A Library of Classroom Practices


General Assessment Resources

ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learners

Wiggins, Grant, and Jay McTighe. Understanding by Design. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1998.

Case Study: Integrated Performance Assessment

"À Nos Actes Manqués" a/c: Jean-Jacques Goldman, pub: JRG Editions Musicales, Music Video: dir: Bernard Schmitt, SONY Music Entertainment (France). Words and music from the album Fredericks Goldman Jones (1991).

American Association of Teachers of French
Note: This site has Carole Frederick's music videos and accompanying teacher's manual available for purchase.

IPA Interpretive Task Worksheet (PDF, 16 K)

IPA Project Description (PDF, 16 K)

IPA Student Feedback Sheet (PDF, 20 K)

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks

Case Study: Spanish and French Performance Assessments

New York State Regents Examinations

Portfolio Project Description: Spanish (PDF, 16 K)

Case Study: Backward Design

California Department of Education Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks

Rubric for Interpersonal Task (PDF, 16 K)

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