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بشوفك اليوم في السينما
Making Plans

اضغط هنا للترجمة باللغة العربية

Video Summary

In this lesson, high school students in Belal Joundeya's Arabic V/VI class engage in authentic conversations about what they will be doing in the future. After first reviewing unit vocabulary as a class, students play a card game that involves talking about what they will be doing after school. Next, Mr. Joundeya presents a make-believe scenario in which two celebrities negotiate their busy schedules to agree on a dinner date. Mr. Joundeya role-plays a similar situation with a student volunteer. Then, students plan their own afterschool meetings, first in pairs and then in a group of four. Before class concludes, students extend their practice by writing emails to a native speaker, their "friend" Sami in Lebanon.

Standards Addressed






School and Community

Key Terms
informal assessment
negotiation of meaning

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Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Belal Joundeya
Language: Arabic V/VI
Grades: 9-12
School: Lincoln High School, Portland, Oregon
Lesson Date: March 8
Class Size: 20
Schedule: 92 minutes, 2–3 times per week

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