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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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LINK: Social Studies in Action Home

The Social Studies in Action video library is accompanied by an introductory video and one overview video for each grade band.

  • Introduction to the Video Library
  • A Standards Overview, K-5
  • A Standards Overview, 6-8
  • A Standards Overview, 9-12

The introductory video summarizes the content and teaching practices of the Social Studies in Action library and issues tapes, including clips from the classroom videos, reflections from teachers and the project's advisors, and an introduction to the Web and print guide.

The segments capture the range of content and teaching practices shown in the collection. You'll see examples of mock trials, simulations, cooperative learning, presentations, controversial issues, and more. You'll see teachers engaging students in Supreme Court cases, controversial issues, historical change, geography, and the elements of citizenship. You will also see teachers developing their students' understanding of how social studies connects to larger issues in the community and world. The physical classrooms themselves are rich examples of how teachers can maximize their space for teaching social studies concepts. Watch the introductory tape to quickly familiarize yourself with the entire collection and to help you decide which videos you want to watch.

Each overview video illustrates innovative and vibrant ways of connecting social studies lessons to the standards-based themes developed by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS). The overview videos show teachers across all grade levels using the most age-appropriate strategies to bring social studies to life for students.

Use these videos to:

  • launch a professional development workshop;
  • facilitate a discussion about social studies methodology; or
  • show parents how standards connect to social studies lessons.

They are designed to help teachers find new and creative ways of implementing NCSS themes in social studies in all grade levels.


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