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Hildi Perez's First-Grade Class

First Impressions


Assessment-Driven Instruction

Video Summary

The Teacher and the Class

Analyzing the Video
  Before Viewing
  First Impressions
  Looking Closer
  Summing Up

Making Connections

Selected Resources


Watch the Video

On your first viewing, review the Observational Checklist (PDF) to note how Hildi Perez implements some of the Literacy Teaching Practices. In particular, note how she links ongoing assessment to instruction.


Review What You Saw

As you reflect on these questions, write down your responses or discuss them as a group.

After watching the video, review the Observational Checklist and reflect on what you saw. How do the practices you just watched compare to your own? Think about your classroom and the needs of your students. How are they different from or similar to what you saw in the video?


Relate the Key Questions to Hildi Perez's Classroom

What forms of assessment are apparent in this classroom, and how does assessment guide instruction?

Chart from Ms. Perez's class.Consider Ms. Perez's comment: "Informal assessment is part of my everyday teaching. I'm always watching kids during the different activities and seeing how they're going about them ... what strategies they are using." What types of formal and informal assessment does Ms. Perez use in her classroom? How does Ms. Perez use questions and close observation in her informal assessment?

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